HUZZAH! The Knights of Badassdom has Arrived!

The long incubating LARP-tastic horror/comedy film ‘The Knights of Badassdom‘ hath finally arrived! Huzzah! Available today at fine Video On Demand locations!

Featuring an absolutely killer ensemble cast with the likes of Peter Dinklage, Steve Zahn, Ryan Kwanten, Summer Glau, Michael Gladis, Danny Pudi, Jimmi Simpson along with a ‘lvl-61-Elemental-Mage-Staff‘ of additional talent…

The project has been somewhat troubled. And the release has the paw prints of the producer all over it. Which is a shame, as the razor sharp visionary directing of Joe Lynch from the Matt Wall & Kevin Dreyfuss script was reportedly dulled as a result.

But it’s like my great grand mother used to always say – ‘Stop your wining, or I’ll hit you harder!’ So spread the word and perhaps we might someday get the official Director’s cut and gram-grams won’t hurt us anymore when we close our eyes!

More importantly (not really) is the scenery includes a handful of Zombie Yeti Studio artwork in some very pivotal and thought provoking scenes like the clip below


Oh, and did I mention the piece in this clip is available in my Design By Humans storefront?

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