Halloween DIY Zombie Yeti Mask

Are you a cheap bastard? Are you terribly uncreative? Physically weak? Back from a visit to Sierra Leone, Liberia or Guinea? Blurry vision? When people are near you, do they look away? Gag? Run? Have a slight fever? Well, fear not!! – Zombie Yeti has got you covered!

Just in time for Ebolaween, I’m proud to introduce the official  Do-It-Yourself ZombieYeti Halloween Mask!

Available in both Scary and Deathly Scary variations!



Simply print the files (Scary oDeathly Scary) color, cut, & make your own mask! Use it to hide your hideous identity; all the while, protecting yourself from the real threat: Ebola!

And feel free to share these with others via social media. Maybe this thing could even go viral (the mask, silly)!?
Or quarantine it here & let’s never speak of this again as Ebola is nothing to joke about! But if you want to make this mask even cooler get a set of diamond fronts.

And remember – this Halloween if you have a temperature, maybe stay home?




Happy Halloween, kids!