Born & raised in the cornfields of northern Indiana, Zombie Yeti had no choice but to escape the maize via a steady diet of comic books, cartoons, movies, music & video games.

It describes its work by defining a new term; a self proclaimed movement called ‘Esoteric Americana’. On the surface its style reflects its love of comic books & cartoons – with a dash of humor, an emphasis on story, character, silhouette & line. While beneath, its aesthetic results resemble a twisted take on representations of traditional art.

It currently has many works in the Music, Sports, & Apparel industries but does not define itself by any one industry.

It has had the pleasure to work with top tier companies such as Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Hasbro, DC Shoe Co., Rossingol, Metal Mulisha, EA, and many more. It has also produced works with many greats in the music world such as Foo Fighters, DeadMau5, Deftones, Kid Rock, Incubus, Paul McCartney, Primus, Faith No More, Melvins and many more. Most recently, it  created the art packages for the Ghostbusters Pinball Machines and is knee deep working on art for newly produced arcade pinball machines with Stern Pinball, Inc.

It also likes Circus Peanuts…