Manga Studio 5 Responsiveness Simple Fix

Oh, hello. I didn’t see you. Forgive my lack of clothing as I just came from the shower…

Speaking of responsiveness… Anyone who’s used Smith Micro’s Manga Studio EX 4 knows the joy of a natural, fast, responsive brush engine.

And SOME of those people making the switch to Manga Studio 5 have felt there’s a bit of a backward slide with their beloved program. There are many great improvement in Manga Studio 5. Variable anti aliasing, improved ruler & overall tool interface, and a new higher number than the last version!

So is there a problem with the brush engine as a result? I am here to reassure you that YES, you are correct! BUT correcting the problem is simpy a matter of not correcting… or killing post correction, that is…


If you still have issues after killing the post correction, let me know so I can feel humiliation, and in return – what it’s like to truly LIVE.